Miguel Oliveira

Miguel is a photographer based in Porto. Although his work is based in Porto, he travels around the world to do it. With his main bases being the photojournalism he tries to bring that mood and way of being to your special day. With photography as his biggest passion, he also loves music, that being told, you can easily find him shooting, concerts, festivals, etc…Another thing that he loves, is just to get the camera and go for a walk shooting the life in the city. Get to know more about him and invite him for a glass of wine!

André Martins

André was born in Porto and could not live in another place! He loves to travel around the world, but always return to his epicenter. The roots are very important to him that’s why he loves cinema – whatever the theme you talking about, you always express your references, your history, who you are. Cinema is for sure the biggest passion, but he also loves skating, a beer with friends, traveling as much as he can – but always with the camera on his shoulder. Get to know more about him and call him for a coffee!